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'Twas the night before dance season, and at Richard's School of the Dance,
Every dancer was thinking, this year is my chance.
Thoughts of the dance studio brought a tear to each face,
And all of them wished the next day would just race.

The instructors, meanwhile, were diligently working,
Agreeing amongst all we shall not teach them twerking.
Though summer was over they all felt no sorrow
While they ran around shouting DANCE SEASON STARTS TOMORROW.

The building was ready, the mirrors were clean,
The music was free of the rude and obscene.
The floors were well-polished and the lockers repaired,
All was in order, no effort was spared.

The next day at school students will mope and they’ll fuss,
And with backpacks and lunch bags will race to the bus.
The Welcome back, everyone! announcement will blare,
And then each dancer will ready their hair.

Each studio will fill with the dazed and perplexed,
For no one knows what move is next.
As each class moves slowly, lost and encumbered,
They quickly catch on to each move has been numbered.

No matter what struggles, trips, falls or flop
In their classes ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop
Summer vacation will fade from their minds,
As another season quickly unwinds.

Within a few months they’ll all learn their routines,
Students will feel dancing runs in their genes.
Instructors will gripe that theirs not enough time,
Students will swear that they'll do just fine.

Group combos will take the class by surprise,
While young dancers watch on with awe in their eyes.
Then costumes will come with all their glittery flare,
Some students will shout “Theirs sparkles more! Not fair!”

And the months will fly by, every one of the ten,
Then suddenly Spring will return once again,
Causing all parents to feel dazed and unsteady,
Shocked that it’s recital time already.

Just weeks before the annual recital,
Every student and teacher will begin acting sprightful.
With hundreds of man hours preparing the event,
The curtain will rise for "ENTERTAINMENT".

So let’s be glad not a single feeling of sorrow,
The well trained students of today are the stars of tomorrow!
We say to them now, as this special time draws near,
“Good luck to all, and to all a good year!”
By: Steve

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