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Re-discover yourself with our fitness classes designed for all abilities.

BalletBarre Fit
Regime of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga allowing a focus on strength and flexibility training using a Ballet Barre. These total body conditioning techniques & intense workout will transform and sculpt the entire body. This no-impact workout is performed in a interval training style. Our Baby-wearing BalletBarre Fit is a post-natal fitness class designed to hep the new mother strengthen, tone and stretch her body while strengthening her bond with her new baby. Our Pre-natal BalletBarre Fit is a class designed to strengthening birthing muscles and stamina and educating mothers-to-be on various coping methods for the surges and intensity of labor and birth.

PILOXING uniquely blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. It is a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape. See www.piloxing.com for more information.

Our classes are designed to improve mental acuity, health and performance of individuals interested in improving their level of fitness all don in a stress free relaxing environment. Our classes are a blend of strength, flexibility, power and balance in a fitness format based on the ancient fitness science of haha yoga.

See Schedule for each month’s scheduled classes


Fitness Punch Card Pricing and Classes

  • 5 punch - $30
  • 10 punch - $55
  • Monthly unlimited - $40

Offering Lunchtime & Evening Classes 

  • BalletBarre Fit
  • Killer Body
  • Tabata

Yoga Pricing and Classes 

  • Private Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga Sessions - Contact the studio for Details

Baby and Me Fitness Pricing and Classes 

Beginning September with Classes on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

  • Baby-wearing BalletBarre Fit - Session #1 Tuesdays 10:00-10:45 AM 6 Weeks (9/12/17 - 10/17/17) $55.00 - Register Now!
  • Baby-wearing Dance Fitness - Session #1 Thursdays 10:00-10:45 AM 6 Weeks (9/14/17 - 10/19/17)  - Register Now!

Adult Tap-Fit Classes

  • Tap-Fit - Thursdays 6:45-7:30 PM  $26 per month - Register Now!


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